Mission Statement

The Cape Cod Teen Writers Conference is a free, multi-day, intensive program for teens, ages thirteen to nineteen.

Creative writing, without limits or restrictions, is the ultimate act of freedom. For teens, such absolute control over their own destinies and desires is rarely present in their day-to-day lives. Demands of parents, teachers, sports, jobs, and peers serve to shackle young adults to a path that rarely accounts for their own aspirations during their middle and high school years. Storytelling, however, bends to no one save for its creator. As such, storytelling and fiction writing become an outlet of uncompromising control and total freedom for the author.

The Cape Cod Teen Writers Conference inspires young people to put pen to paper and let their imaginations flow. Participants are introduced to the nuances of fiction craft, art, and storyboarding, as well as online writing communities for teens, places to submit their work, SEO blogs that are easy to navigate, and ways for them to become active parts of the publishing industry. Guided by Young Adult authors from all genres and publishing backgrounds, the Cape Cod Teen Conference has been consistently praised by teens, parents, and educators as a true gift to the young writers of tomorrow.

Unlike many writing conferences, the Cape Cod Teen Writers Conference has always been dedicated to making sure the event is free for teens. We believe this is critically important, so that all young writers may find a safe, creative, empowering space to write among friends, regardless of economic ability. Unfortunately, as fiscal belts tighten, fewer and fewer dollars are available to these young storytellers. As a society, the act of fiction writing is often underestimated for its ability to impact lives, but the truth is that storytelling has a profound impact on raising a teen’s self esteem. We are always seeking donations so we may continue to fund this phenomenal program.

The Cape Cod Teen Writers Conference is a not-for-profit program in partnership with the Marston Mills Public Library. It was founded by Marston’s Mills Librarian Lindsey Hughes and Author K.R. Conway.